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The name of a syndrome taken after the plagerism controversy surrounding British Rock Band Coldplay's award winning hit song Viva la Vida

Can be applied to any situation where something is increadibly well liked and successful to the point of where others will do anything to get a bit of the credit for it.

often exibits the Band Wagon Effect

rediculous accusations of plagerism in order to gain credit, money, or fame

and squabbling.... equatable to children fighting over the sparkley aqaumarine crayon at daycare
Satch: Viva La Vida's so successful hmmm.......wait, Everyone, I wrote it, its mine!

Cat Stevens: NO! everyone knows I wrote the melody for Viva la Vida

Gunther: No I did!

Creeky Boards: it was our first!

Enanitos Verdes: Satriani lies, our song Frances Limon came out way before If I Could Fly; the melody to Viva la Vida is ours! Satch stole it! and Coldplay too!

Coldplay: fuck off, all of you tossers!

Random Person: oh no! Its Viva la Vida Syndrome!

*world explodes
by Ajaxxx January 27, 2010
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