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a slang word derived from the sri lankan language, tamil
It is a deritive derived from Vithushan or jeyavithushan.
It literally means king. it has now been commonly used to describe a great champion that excels at what he or she does.
"Wow...look at that Vithu"
"Dude...Vithu is so cool"
"What a king, what a Vithu"
by David Lehman June 28, 2008
Derived from a Sri Lankan heritage, this name can be for girls and boys. It means a smart, talented, athletic, and outstanding human being. They show gratitude and help others out, and put many initiatives forward to prove their leadership skills. They usually get high marks in school, and musically talented, and play many sports. Overall one of the best people in the world.
vithu, vithusayni, vithushan, vithuchan
by UrbanDictionaryAdmin00678 March 14, 2013
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