A band from the Midwest, who other bands get jealous of just because they are going out of their way to be something in life, and other people don't like them because they are little babies and think VoS is so much better than them and they hate that.
OMG DUDE!!! Visions of Scion is so good, but I hate them and I don't want them to know I like them...I am going to go cry and sent them hate mail...my life sucks!
by Imma Snake February 17, 2011
Top Definition
Shitty band from the Midwest. Sorta like a rip off TDWP. hailing God and playing Christian Metal. Also known as a bunch of straightedge Jesus freaks.
Oh no look at the shitty band Visions Of Scion!
by GunnerBoone December 03, 2010

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