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1. The Act of Bullying using technology

2. A term used to describe someone who is insecure and/or lacking in confidence to face someone/thing face to face, Usually someone who believes, in their own mind, they are a Genius, but require the aid of computers to cloud their true self.

3. Often used by IT professionals, when accidentally resolving issues or when a system resolves an issue itself, to describe themselves in a fictional way
2. "Dude, I Just used a Genius line on that guy in the forum"
" No, That was Virtual Intimidation, you should come up with something yourself instead of looking it up on Google"

IT Professional: "It was one of those issues that should have required intervention of some sort but when evil lil gremlin (that-resides-in-PC’s-solely- to-cause—trouble-for-unsuspecting-technophobes) saw me comin in, he knew betta than to mess with me! It’s the virtual intimidation factor – pure IT genius!!"
by General Savant November 11, 2010
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