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Virgil Donati is arguably the best drummer of all time. He started playing drums at age 3 and turned professional at 16. Now in his 50's, Virgil is an extraordinary talent, having practiced for several hours a day everyday for decades. He has poured his heart and soul into his drumming. Virgil has such amazing coordination that he can play four different time signatures at once, he can hold his own in terms of speed against todays top metal drummers except he does it with style and musicality. His prowess on the drum kit is unrivaled.

Virgil Donati has more talent in his little pinky finger than all the usual slobs the youtube users don "worlds best drummer" e.g Joey Jordison, Travis Barker, Mike Portnoy etc etc, they are basically retarted in comparison, and it is a great injustice that the majority don't appreciate the true legends in drumming.

Virgil also played keyboard from a young age and has written most of the material for his progressive rock band Planet X.
I saw Virgil Donati playing the drums. I shit my pants.
by Toilet Head January 15, 2011

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