A Viraj is a funny Indian guy that likes curry and smells abit like off swimming cap
bob " oh have you seen a viraj around anyway"
tim " no they are very rare''
bob '' oh well that really sucks''
by Sunnybunny February 13, 2012
Top Definition
the south asian Cassanova; a suave, classy, sexy person; irresistable; the south asian reincarnation of Adonis
Girl 1: Daaamn, the boy is such a Viraj! He's sooo hot!
Girl 2: Oooh yea, I'd hit that! I want his babies!
Girl 3: Girls, u be trippin, that Viraj is tooo classy for y'all, keep dreamin!
by anonymouslycool September 15, 2006
a hardcore muthafucka
That nigga Viraj is viraj fool.
by Liem April 18, 2003
Viraj is an Indian name, which has two meanings.

Viraj - Brave King
Viraj - King of Kings.
Please refer to Hindi Mythology articles. 'Viraj'
by theviraj February 18, 2013
The brightest of all stars. Intelligent and classy woman.
Viraj in the Hindu religion means splendor, luster, and from a good family.
It is used as a male and a female name, but originated from a book. Viraj is supposed to be a female name, not a male!
Viraj has true beauty, usually are emotional, easily forgive people.
Sweet, bright, cute, awesome, hot...
Viraj is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet.
by Y784Li3 February 05, 2010
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