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A Viraj is a funny Indian guy that likes curry and smells abit like off swimming cap
bob " oh have you seen a viraj around anyway"
tim " no they are very rare''
bob '' oh well that really sucks''
by Sunnybunny February 13, 2012
15 18
the south asian Cassanova; a suave, classy, sexy person; irresistable; the south asian reincarnation of Adonis
Girl 1: Daaamn, the boy is such a Viraj! He's sooo hot!
Girl 2: Oooh yea, I'd hit that! I want his babies!
Girl 3: Girls, u be trippin, that Viraj is tooo classy for y'all, keep dreamin!
by anonymouslycool September 15, 2006
207 72
a hardcore muthafucka
That nigga Viraj is viraj fool.
by Liem April 18, 2003
153 64
Viraj is an Indian name, which has two meanings.

Viraj - Brave King
Viraj - King of Kings.
Please refer to Hindi Mythology articles. 'Viraj'
by theviraj February 18, 2013
18 2
The brightest of all stars. Intelligent and classy woman.
Viraj in the Hindu religion means splendor, luster, and from a good family.
It is used as a male and a female name, but originated from a book. Viraj is supposed to be a female name, not a male!
Viraj has true beauty, usually are emotional, easily forgive people.
Sweet, bright, cute, awesome, hot...
Viraj is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet.
by Y784Li3 February 05, 2010
43 55