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A mall in Manila that had its hay day in the eighty's. Being encompassed by rich neighborhoods this was the place to shop and to be seen shopping.

Today its pirate city; Selling every kind of knockoff and pirated movies games clothes p0rn even. If your a actually looking for the last item mentioned on the list just make your way to the 4th floor, by the time you get there you will have been approached by no less than 3 people trying to sell it to you. But don't worry they are always courteous and discrete when they approach you. (It's cute)
(boy1)I'm going to the store to get the lates Madden, its only fifty bucks.

(boy2) No way, I'm going to the Phils next month and I'll get it to you for $5.

2rats for the brats has the best selection of Henti in Vira Mall.
by Ryo-Ohki May 03, 2007
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