Villa Maria girls, they often portray the stature of man or gorilla. While other teams compete against them in sports, sometimes we ask ourselves how much testosterone is enough? There manly bodies overwhelm any set amount of space. When they enter the room, they get everyones a bad way. Girls it is not attractive to see tight clothes squeezing your flub. Next time wear spandex to cover your cottage cheese ass. The only times you get laid is by a man, woman dog or inanimate ojects suffering from a severe mental illnes and/or blindess. Notre Dame girls dont hate you, they just feel bad for you. Its not their fault your not attractive. Notre Dame girls on the other hand represent beauty and goddess-like figures. They party twice as hard as villa girls and dont get those ugly beer bellies that you all sport. Notre Dame girls have tried to be nice to Villa girls.... but its not their fault the gorillas have ruined every chance they have with anyone who is considered "normal" So to sum up every ones beliefs.... Notre Dame rocks... villa? not so much.
"i heard about this one time these villa maria girls were trying to give it to some guys...."

"yeah they fucking crushed him"
by themalvernprep07 October 20, 2007
Dear Students from VMA and NDA,
Get over yourselves.
I go to the Academy of Notre Dame and apparently I'm one of the few students there who realize what "class" is. And hey Villa girls, if you knew what it was, there wouldn't be an effing battle on
OK, I go there, and we are not ugly, and why the hell compare to ND? And why does ND compare to Villa? Just give it up, all of you.

Villa girls: Girls, that go to Villa Maria.
Those girls are Villa Maria girls.
by littlesunshine1000 May 07, 2011
hey THE TRUTH, go back to grade school learn the proper use of grammer and how to spell. Sweet Thanks.
My names THE TRUTH, but i spell the - teh, i call girls "lezbo's" even though im prob one of the many guys in the world who loves watching lesbians.
by Nice try March 20, 2005
well you can accuse notre dame of being dykes, but in the end we're getting the guys u want. and the guys u have, we've already had. and wow maybe u get more merit scholarships or some gay shit like that, but while ur studying we're out partying, with ur boyfriends, and still getting awesome grades and into great colleges. Also if Notre Dame is such a bad school, please explain the large number of girls that leave villa to go to notre dame. And if u beat ND in any sports, it is clearly because u are all huge beasts.
"we just beat nd in hockey!"
"yea but we're also three times the size of them."
by usluts March 19, 2005
also commonly known as "Villa Gorillas" because of their large size. Villa Maria is a small catholic private school where girls go when they do not make it into Notre Dame. Most are beat but obsessed with themselves and will post pictures of their own boobs on their webshots. They are typically very overrated because guys mistake their eassiness for hottness. They go to parties in the winter and sport shirts the size of bras and think they look hott, but dont realize that everyone is really staring at their fat. They are bitter that they cant be hott or classly and therefore try to make up for it by being slutty. They date Malvern guys, but only the ugly ones that are left over after Notre Dame gets the hott ones.
"wow look at that slut's thighs!"
"shes a villa gorilla"
by ndalove March 17, 2005
i have two words to say about villa: meg judge
villa sucks alot of cock
by ewww March 23, 2005

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