An individual, usually an upper level librarian or over-stressed college student who consistently targets their "hushes" in an abrupt, obnoxious manner because it makes them feel good.
I was in the library talking on the phone for three seconds and was hushed violently four times. This over-stressed college student I know must have Vigilante Librarian Syndrome.
by mpmcgrat October 02, 2011
Top Definition
A librarian, primarily in middle and high schools, who believes that their power to hush restless students is much more important than it actually is. They hold their power to quiet people on command up on a pedestal, for it is the only power that they possess. Rule enforcement is their primary goal, above education.
That librarian gave me a detention for asking my friend if I could borrow a pencil, she must have Vigilante Librarian Syndrome.
by Kittlizzpizz June 26, 2010
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