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A Video VIP was created by SaladUK by swapping around the rules of an Audio VIP, check it;

Say you sync'd a video of a monkey dancin to a Dubstep tune and called it Monkeystep, to make Monkeystep VIP, u wud have to redit the same Clip differently but to a new track or for the killer, the VIP of the Original Track (basically a new tune but with the same clip, redited)

It makes sense, VIP means when drum and bass/dubstep (and probably other types of dance music) producers bring out a different version of the same track. The purpose is to surprise the crowd with something different but memorable. So just replace Music with Video.
Look What Filth Has Done To Her - Original
Look What Filth Has Done To Her VIP - Same clip, just re-edited to a different track.

(look what filth has done to her is a video saladuk uploaded to his youtube account back in 2010, he has since made a video vip of that video, simply titled, look what filth has done to her vip
by SaladUK March 06, 2011
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