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A noun: One who excels in all video games due to their exceptional hand eye coordination and motor skills. They are able to begin playing a new game of any genre and adapt quickly and effectively.
Keith has never played Halo but he was still able to dominate his competitors as soon as he picked up the controller for the first time because he is a video game athlete.

"Dale, I can't believe you just got beat by Keith. You and your brother have been training for years!" -Geoff
"He's a video game athlete so he already had the necessary skills to dominate" -Dale
by FrancoisJosephine December 14, 2012
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A person that excels in all video games dealing with sports but is a terrible athlete in real life.
Billy kicks my ass every time we play NBA 2K9 but gets schooled when we ball for real. He's a true videogameathlete.
by -The Godfather- April 05, 2009
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