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Caring, lover, unselfish, someone who goes out of his way to please you. One of a kind guy, sexy, great personality, knows how to take care of his women. Smart compassionate father, loves kids. Great husband, has a big dick, always honest, does everything in his power to get things accomplished. Great body, one of a kind guy. Likes to have fun, and can be serious when it comes down to it. The best lover. Has a awesome butt.
by the mad women May 29, 2009
To have a strange and conspicuous hair style.
Whoa! Check out the hot vidal on that dude over there! (*golf clapping*) Very good, sir!
by exitflagger April 25, 2008
Anal sex
Dude did you hear that Corey vidaled Alissa last night in the laundry room?
by Mr. Donger September 01, 2011
Vidal is another version of a.s.a.p (as soon as posible) comes from ryming slang... vidal sassoon = as soon...and is shortened to Vidal
will you please stop with the foreplay and make me cum vidal!!!!


i will be at your house vidal
by McNadin August 25, 2009
Homo,Man to Man Butt love,Anal,Colorful,Full of pimples,yellow teeth,hairy legged bitch
Ryan Seacrest is a VIDAL
by JLM6897 August 16, 2009
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