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A child raised on television and video games with little or no parental supervision. Vid kids often have poor social skills, very limited attention spans and less maturity than their peers. Vid kids suffer from a mild form of child abuse rooted in parental neglect.
Jason's a typical vid kid -- he never pays attention in class.
by Peter Kobs January 05, 2009
Someone who is very good at video games and learns to play them quickly.

A person who thrives while playing video games, even though they are socially inept and have very little to do with the outside world.
"Dude, He's been playing that game for like, 3 days without sleeping... Heard he beat that game he bought yesterday already."

" Yea, I know/ He's a real Vid-Kid, video games are his life"
by Po.oP December 26, 2009
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