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{vik-tuh-ree stohg}


1. A ceremoniously smoked cigarette, only to be invoked immediately following the successful consumption of an adequate amount of cannabis. "An adequate amount" is largely defined by whether or not the perceived victor is a pussy, in which case you know who you are, and you will never be victorious.

The Victory Stoge signifies the triumph of the righteous over the tyrannies of evil.

A Victory Stoge should never be deuced or hoarded, otherwise the distinct taste of victory will be replaced with that of shame and cowardice: Those with stoges provide for those without, because true victory requires great sacrifice.

when lighting multiple Victory Stoges one should light all of them with one continuous flame. this way it is one distinct act of declaring victory.

also its like, plus eleventybillion extra bonus points if the lucky ends up being a Victory Stoge.

Finally, a Victory Stoge signals the end of the battle, as in no more weed shall be smoked in that location, lest the stoge be deemed premature.
by commandant pickles May 19, 2011
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