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Victoria point or viccy point as it is known to the locals is filled with teenage whores dating 20 year olds and rejected surfer scum. This place is an undesirable shit hole. Buying a house in this area will destroy anything left of your self esteem. If looking to find some pussy, head down to the local mcdonalds where these common teenage whores tend to congregate, fiending for there slice of dick. Another common sight in this suburb are P-plate hoons who spend all of there money; earnt from there shitty low-class jobs on there 'awesome cars'. Clearly insecure about the size of there penis's these boys will do anything for a root and no age is too young.
Wife: This has got to be the shittest, most desease ridden place on the face of the earth, who would even consider buying a house in this shithole?
Husband: teenage scum and whores as far as the eye can see!
Wife: Don't forget those dirty looking surfer faggots!
Husband: I guess that's Victoria Point for you!
by Itsajackal February 21, 2011
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