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A shadowy figure from the Yonkers, NY underworld, it is not known exactly if Victor Franchaise is real or a fictional character used by criminals and mobsters to give themselves credibility through association or mentioned to scare rivals. Thought to be a crafty negotiator, shrewd businessman, and tenacious competitor, Victor Franchaise is often assumed to be the ruthless black hand behind several lopsided business, criminal and political deals. The movie "The Usual Suspects" is loosely based on a Victor Franchaise story, and the character Keyser Soze is believed to be based on Victor Franchaise.
Criminals often use the specter of Victor Franchaise to scare their kids into keeping secrets. "Rat on your pops, and Victor Franchaise will get you!" they'd tell their quivering youngsters.
by Jug Dish June 10, 2009
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