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'Vicky Tequila' is a drinking game.

A group sits in a circle with 5 shots of Tequila* in front of each of them.
Someone turns on 'The Tequila Song' By The Champs
Everytime the trumpet pauses someone can shout "Tequila". If you shout Tequila and no-one else does, you can pass a shot onto someone else around the group.
If you say it at the same time as someone else, everyone who says it at the same time has to down a shot.
At the end, the shots left in front of you, you have to drink. The person who has to drink the most shots is a 'Vicky Tequila'

For this reason you call someone who is a sport for getting drunk a 'Vicky Tequila'

*Tequila can be substituted for any other drink if necessary such as a pint divided into 5.
What a Vicky Tequila or Lets play Vicky Tequila
by Vicky Tequila May 31, 2010
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