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Vic Viper is a "temporal space star fighter", and is the player character in the Gradius series of video games by Konami. It can create anomalies in the space-time continuum, although exactly how it manages to pull off such an ridiculously awesome stunt is unknown. Vic Viper is also one of the most radical-yet-functional looking star fighters ever built.

To date, Vic Viper has fended off the attack of over ten different armadas single-handedly, thanks to its advanced weapon systems and incredible piloting. While it does indeed lack any type of standard shielding and can be destroyed by contact with a single projectile or object, it still manages to complete any mission it undertakes because it is that goddamned awesome.

Vic Viper is arguably the only thing standing in between the universe and complete annihilation.

Vic Viper is the undisputed Intergalactic Coolest Spacecraft Ever.

Vic Viper is all. All are Vic Viper.
Our entire army has been defeated. There is only one remaining option.

Launch "VIC VIPER"!

Fly, "VIC VIPER"! You are our last hope!
by Grobda January 26, 2006
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