Bitch. Viaunas are usually very backstabbing. They only use people to get what they want and when they don't do what they say they will drop them and find someone else. Viaunas are also very sluty and go through guys quickly. They are very self centred and can't be trusted. They come in small packages but can ruin your life. They only follow what the crowd says. Don't fall for their smile, they're fake.
an ruin your life. Don't fall for their smile, they're fake.

Guy 1: wow that.girl over there is so pretty!

Guy 2: seriously? I dated her a month ago.. She's a bitch man..

Guy 1: wait whats her name, again?

Guy 2: Viauna.

Guy 1: Oh, that explains it.
by truth111111111111 January 18, 2014

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