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As seen on supersize vs. superskinny.
The best kebab house in all of Leamington Spa (hell yeah, they even have awards to prove it), perhaps all of Warwickshire.
Better than Mr. Kebabish (they give you food poisoning), and definately better than the north leamington fish bar who cum in the mayonnaise and leave pubes in the pizza.
Just off Victoria Terrace, it's run by a bunch of friendly Turkish dudes with funny accents who like to ask "You want fries with that??" and actually make what you order, no forcing shitty salad into your burger here, oh no.
Opperating under a mysterious businessman known only as Mr. Vialli, they Specialise in burgers and kebabs, but they also do chips, pizzas, vegan option (dubious looking salad), and much more. To accompany this they offer a wide choice of condiments including brown sauce, ketchup, bbq, mayo, salsa, 'special' (mystery) sauce, and also topping such as cheese and bacon. Offering all this at reasonable prices makes Vialli's a prime destination after a night on the lash/pull at evolve, smack, etc (open hours are like 11am-4am mon-sat)
*A&B leave evolve at 3am*
A: Shit, I'm gonna be so hungover tomorrow, I need something tasty and filling to soak up the alcohol... kebabish?
B: Hell no, Mr. Kebabish is a fucking amateur, let's go to vialli's where the hygiene standards are at least vaguely acceptable
by Fatty McFat-Fatison March 22, 2009
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