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to be riddled with bad luck.
This failure vexes me. I am terribly, terribly vexed.
by hazy September 09, 2003
mad, angry or displeased
Thats got me vexed
by Anonymous June 09, 2003
The emotion you feel after you have just been happy slapped by some chav whilst on tube/bus. Often followed by the thoughts 'Where the fuck is my fucking dagger'.
Chav1: Hahaha i got im

Chav2: Yes mate....

Average nice guy: Fucking Barsteds

Chav3: Yes mate....

Average nice guy: I'm feeling rather Vexed with your thoughtless cruel acts upon me and the rest of the public. You should be ashamed.

Chav2: init mate

Average nice guy: Where the fuck is my fucking dagger?

Chav1: Your a faggot mate

Average nice guy: oh, here it is!! *STAB* *Chavs die*
by Muckle Flugga June 21, 2006
pissed off, anoyyed etc
im fucking vexed
by steve November 05, 2003
Vexed means to be stressed. See also vexing which means stressing someone out.
Me: How are you?
Person: I am so vexed!
Me: Oh why?
Person: People are vexing me out!
by TheVexer February 12, 2012
Passionate about being 'vexed'
My man: ''Seeing people on the road who can't drive vexes me''

My man: ''All these people rushing around, it's vexing''
My man: ''I AM VEXED!!!

by Your Loverrr ;) June 02, 2011
If your vexed you are absolutely mashed off any type of drug that gets you wired!
Oh you know what... Im gonna get so vexed!
by Lavooo September 22, 2010
2 b pissd off/angry
i woz so fuckin vexed at dat slag kelly, i beat 7 shadez of shit outa her
by BabyBlaza December 14, 2003