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A qualified proffesional, who is trained to look after your pets at the veterinary clinic. Veterinary nurses study hard for their qualification and need to know about more than 1 species! They get paid FAR less than a 'human' nurse, despite carrying out a simililar job-role.
Veterinary Nurses have to be registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to legally practice in the UK.

Duties usually include:
* In-patient care/Ward rounds
* Anaesthesia
* Radiography
* Laboratory work
* Drug dispensing
* Phlebotomy
* Surgical assistance
* And much, much more!
A good way to piss a VN off is to ask them: "So when are you going to become a Vet?" GRRRRR :(
Veterinary Nurse (UK):
RVN - Registered Veterinary Nurse
VN - Listed Veterinary Nurse
SVN - Student Veterinary Nurse
VN = Very Naughty, Very Nice, VERY NECCESSARY, Veterinary Nurse!
by AlovelyVN May 31, 2010