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(1) Jeff Goven's comic superhero. Military war vet. Purple Chevette driving veterinarian by day. VFW member. Crimefighter by night (and on the weekends). When fighting crime, he drives a black, bullet-proof, Vette-bodied March WaterCar, with a reflective yellow V stripe on the hood.

(2) Slang: refers to any person with exceptional "Vetness".
My $8 hamster had a broken leg. Dr. Doolittle fixed him up for $7. Vet Man!
by The Pen Master May 29, 2006
Actually "Vet Man" is a superhero identity passed down from father to son ever since the Revolutionary war. Therefore, there have been MANY Vet Men -- but, only "ONE" at a time (there was a pair of identical twins who shared the Vet Man identity).
Vet Man is an animal loving crimefighter. Every Vet Man has been a veterinarian, and fought for his country.

Ever since 1953, Vet Man has driven a Corvette. The Corvette started out with a 6 cylinder, so 1955 was a tough year for Vet Man, because his evil nemesis, The Hunter, had a Thunderbird for his city car, and Vet Man could never catch him! Thankfully, Chevrolet came out with a V8 Corvette in 1956 and no Vette ever got beaten by a T-bird since then!
A man who loves vets, That's very hip.
Guy 1: Woah, See that guy over there?

Guy 2: Yeah, he's a Vetman, See his car?

Guy 1: that's hip.
by Novalogics January 02, 2011