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A fat American kid from the state of Oregon. He sounds like he has a cock in his mouth 50% of the time and on Saturdays it sounds like someones squeezing his balls while penetrating his asshole.
OMG it's a veseble what a fucking annoying cunt
by Dark Knighty December 06, 2007
A term used for a skinny white kid who wears lipstick and pms's on saturdays. A Veseble also likes to think he is a tank and gets calls from drunk guys who ask him what his color socks he is wearing.
LoLL i just veseble'd all over the place!
by codename bubblebath May 26, 2007
One ignorant motherfucker who'd rather play a game than give recognition to people that talk to him - or are IRL 'Friends'.

"This person is such a Veseble, I can't believe how ignorant he is.."
by Di3min3rs May 08, 2006