very acting as an intensifier to the word steve, steve coming from the root word ste - meaning cool hip sexy and -ve meaning chicks dig it.
wow that shirt is VERY steve where did you get it i must have one.
by Lyle Buttwad November 13, 2004
Top Definition
The same as being called "very cool" or "very hip".
That dude was totally cool, he was Very Steve!
by Mr. Tao November 10, 2004
A top selling band hailing from the north eastern portions of Pennsylvania. Founded in 1964, the band specializes in redefining all genre's of music in a hip and tolerable way. They have played with many famous singers and songwriters such as, Jefferson Starship, David Hasselhoff, and more recently LL Cool J, Jayne Seymore and Chuck Norris.
Dude! I totally can't wait until the 3rd when Very Steve is going to be opening for Anti-Flag. They are going to rock the buttholes!!
by A.J. Cockandballs November 13, 2004
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