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Veritaserum is a Harry Potter IRC chatroom. It is moderated, although the mods don't always pay attention. Lately though, they've been better than usual. There are daily n00bs that come in and try to ack liek they own the room, but we always put them back in their place.

There is a main room, a triviai rom, a games room, a roleplay room, and an HP disscussion room. As of altely, users can creatue tehre own private rooms. In the main room, commonroom, we RARELY actually talk about HP. Don't come on and say, "ONG GUYS LET'S TALK ABOUT HP!!!!!!!!!!!!" We will hate you. Instantly. Don't Try "Well this is an HP sites..." yes, yes it is. But we don't care. Now shutup before we get you kicked, banned, or ghost you.

Is is said that the chat is family friendly and G Rated. Well, no, honestly, it's not. We swear, we talk about sex and drugs and alcohol, and we includes some mods. There aren't many uses under the age or 14, so it's really not a place for young children.

The moderators used to be strict, very strict. But they have losened up and become more leanient. It use to be if you broke one simple rule, you were banned, but notyou get warnings, which I personally think is a waste of time and energy. It would be a lot easier for the mods to just bad the rule-breaking n00bs.

Don't "tYp LyK dIs." Or, "typ lyk dis" or even "typ lik tis u no" becuase you will be instantly hated. If you have world veiws that the majority dissagrees with, you will be ganged up on and beat down. Don't roleplay in main, we have a separate room for that. Don't talk in all caps or do excessives. Obey the rules, and maybe if we like you you'll be accepted.

Even though it my seem like the people in there are mean... Well, they are if you're an annoying n00b. But, once you get accepted into the ranks of the group, it's like a family. Someone is always there for you, and you can make some good friends.
*n00b has joined #commonroom in Veritaserum Chat.
user: stfu
mod: No caps or excessives please.
user: gtfo
mod: Excessives are excess characters.
n00b: ooooooo thiiiiisssss????
mod: yes
n00b: okkkkkkk illll stoppppppppp =DDDDDDDDD
n00b: so who want ta tlk bout hppppp?????????
*n00b has been banned from #commonroom.
user: Yes!
mod: Indeed.
by >.> August 18, 2007
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