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When a customer profusely thanks a waiter or waitress for the most wonderful service they received and then tips the server less than 10% (or usually nothing at all).
"Thank you so much for making our evening so special. You are the best server we have ever had. It's been such a wonderful meal and you should be rewarded for your effort" (with a fat 0 on the tip line of the credit card receipt because you just got handed a verbal tip instead.)
by Morika July 20, 2008
Neglecting to leave a monetary tip for high-quality service after expressing effusive praise or gratitude to the provider.

Endemic to service-intensive but low-paying industries, such as salons, health spas, and restaurants, where wages are significantly reduced because of the expectation that customers will tip employees.
Waiter #1: "That couple went on and on about how good the food was, and they said they loved my service! I can't believe they only left a verbal tip."

Waiter #2: "Yeah. Gratitude is nice, but it doesn't pay the electric bill."
by northbanksurfer August 10, 2008
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