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A spoken exchange in which one person intentionally sets up a potential or partial joke or insult for another person to complete by finishing said joke or insult.

These jokes or insults may be considered "low-hanging fruit" to outsiders, and may appear to be insensitive to non-participants. However, since these exchanges are usually completed by close friends, and could sometimes be considered a form of inside joke, they are usually facetious in nature. The initiator of the exchange often intends for the joke to be self-deprecating and may initiate a verbal alley-oop in a group setting to break tension or introduce some levity to the environment by joking about himself through a friend.
Guy 1: "Man, why can't this sandwich just make itself?"
Guy 2: "Probably because you don't have a girlfriend."
Guy 1: "Verbal Alley-oop completed... Nicely done."
by Doctr_Watson February 06, 2014
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