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If you are reading this, then most likely you are a Vengersammy and you already know, in detail, about your greatness. But if you aren't a Vengersammy, then please, do continue. Vengersammy's come very few and far between but if you are ever graced with one of their presence TREASURE THE MOMENT!
"I met a Vengersammy today and I have been smiling ever since!"

"I do believe that Vengersammy's are so rare, that they all know each."
"Yes, of course, they are all related. What an incredible family of people!"

"The patriarch, Big Mack, was one of the greatest men to ever trot this earth."

"My personal favorite Vengersammy is Jason. He is simply flawless!"
"You feel that way too? Jason's charm is too good for words!!!"
by JiggyJ April 15, 2010
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