Just come to a meeting
Vemma,You'll find out, just come to a meeting
by Youwillknowwhenyoujoin June 20, 2013
Top Definition
A network marketing company that scams young adults into believing that they will make millions in a few years. They lure in their "customers" with false information about their line of drinks. In actuality, they have no intention of selling the product and make money solely off of monthly payments that their recruitees pay. A pyramid scheme, if you will.
Vemma Douche: Drop out of school and join our YPR and change the world with Vemma man!

Educated Person: Vemma is a pyramid scheme.
Vemma Douche: I have a dream that I can visualize in my head bro, I'm gonna make millions in a few months and retire at 26 man! You're gonna be working a 9-5 everyday and be told what to do. You're not going anywhere in life!
Educated Person: So how much are you making with Vemma?
Vemma Douche: ……I'm gonna be making 10x the amount you are in a month. You haters motivate me to keep going!

YPR Bro!!! Raaaackemm'
by EducatedPerson1 August 23, 2013

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