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When a respectful decent place is just too far away, or if the girl is not respectful or decent enough to take back to said place, she is then taken to the backseat(or front seat) where your johnson goes on a single unit Shock and Awe mission on the uterine walls.
So we were at MadMex right, and this Ho-bot wanted to fuck me so badly, again. Rough part is..she's my roommate's ex girlfriend of 3 years. It has nothing to do with my conscience it's just that her place is all the way back in south halls. She starts giving me a footjob under the table outside, and I couldnt take it any longer. I shielded her down calder way, stole the keys (again) to Rich Aveni's (aka poohatch aka asshole)van and threw her in the back. Needless to say it was a textbook vehicular boxslaughtering. She was at Ritenour the next morning for reconstructive surgery.
by Stephen 234 June 20, 2008
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