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The name that Elaine Benes and David Puddy used to refer to the passenger who was sitting next to them on the plane.
Jerry: Who's that?
Elaine: Oh that's vegetable lasagna.
Vegetable Lasagna: That's not my name!
by Penny P July 18, 2008
The name given to a random person who's name you do not know that somehow gets caught in your conversation and/or argument with another person you know.

From the Seinfeld episode "The Butter Shave" where an innocent passanger seated next to Elaine and Putty on their plane ride back to New York is refered to as 'vegetable lasagna'.
Putty: Oh, tell me about it! I don't know why I ever took you back.

Elaine: Oh please, I took you back! You know it, I know it, vegetable lasagna here knows it!

Vegetable Lasagna: Please, please! I don't want to get involved!
by .Bambi. March 10, 2010
Catch all term when referring to douche-bag first dates and/or new boyfriend that probably won't make the cut
Are you still seeing that guy? Who, Vegetable Lasagna? No, I gave him the boot
by Pudie February 03, 2010
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