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1. noun. The term used to describe a pack of cigarettes containing many different brands of cigarettes. The pack, through trading or mixing, has at least 3 different kinds of cigarettes, allowing the owner many choices.
"Can I bum a grit off you?"
"Sure, I got 3 Camel Lights, 1 Marb Red, 2 Winstons, 1 Virginia slim, a Camel Strait, 5 Parliaments, and 3 USA Golds. Which one?"
"I'll take the Slim, and that's one hell of a variety pack you got there."
by Biff Justice March 10, 2006
When someone exchanges an item for money, but hands the supplier a mixture of bills; usually with a 10, a 5 and five 1's, or a mixture of the following. The term is often used when referring to a drug deal.
Yo i just hooked that guy up fat and he had the nerve to hand me a Variety Pack!

I really want to go pick up but all I have is this Variety Pack of bills.

Just hooked up my friend, he gave me a Variety Pack, it's all good though I needed some one's.
by Myloz December 03, 2010
when a man or woman is sleeping with/dating multiple people of different races and cultures. Thus, a variety. Everything is fun in a variety pack!
I heard john takes out shaniqua on wednesdays, soon kim on fridays and mary beth on saturdays. what a variety pack!
by fat king October 04, 2009

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