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Vapor Byron(Vay-Per, Bye-Run) is a popular saying/phrase in the south. Specifically North Carolina.

Although unaware of what Vapor Byron specifically means, it has been known to be referred to as a Bucking Bull, Band, and/or Person.

Vapor Byrons pronunciation is commonly and misunderstood with Vaper Bison, Viper Byrun, etc.

Some say Vapor Byron is a Rank bull known to have bucked off all cowboys who have tried to ride him. Some may debate that he is the rankest bull in the south. The Brahmer looks different every time and the cowboys never know which way he will buck. Known for stepping on, bruising hips, and breaking helmets.

Others say Vapor Byron was created from 3 guys who met and randomly wished to start a band. They say Vapor Byrons recordings are made in their houses basement. And to watch out for broken lamps and/or ceiling tiles.

It is even debatable that Vapor Byron is a single man who is very popular with the Ladies, and the public in general.

Even though unaware of the true meaning of the word/phrase, it is aware that Vapor Byron will soon be known worldwide.
"Vapor Byron told me y'all did stuff?!"
by VaporByron May 17, 2009
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