Slang term for a vaporizer, which is used to smoke Marijuana, Tabacco and other smoking mixtures.
There are two different types of vaporizer. One kind heats the metal bowl in order to release the active ingredients, but at a low enough temperature that most toxins and carcinogens are not inhaled and the plant material is not burned. Another kind of vaporizer uses hot air to heat the herbs.
The vapor produced is inhaled.
Vaporizers are a very healthy alternitave to smoking, and reduce your intake of toxins greatly.
Johnny will go to a head shop tomorrow and buy a vape.
by SweeperOfDreams March 31, 2004
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To inhale vapor from E-cigarettes. Used because "smoking" an E-cig doesn't apply as there is no smoke only vapor.
I'm able to vape in a movie theater.
by riddle80 January 13, 2009
Vapor hits. (Or vaporizers.)
1. I got the white widdy; let's do some vapes.

2. Let's go to the dispensary and check out the vapes.
by Bokscarr September 10, 2011
Verb meaning to smoke through a vaporizer.

Yo, let's vape some herb!

Are we vaping tonight?
by VapirOne April 04, 2006
That semi-burnt, tea-leaf-looking shake that's left over after using a vaporizer. If you're ghetto you can eat or smoke vapes, but there's not much magic left in 'em.
Open the window bro, I got to dump my vapes.
by Dilloniuos September 10, 2011
Portable vaporizer
Man let me see that vape so I can show my boy Jeffrey to vape that oil.
by Hottie b mi May 28, 2015
without combustion, the perfect tea, to vape is the application of heat to release delicate oils from your kindest herbs. Each herb has a distinct pattern of terpinoids that produce a unique psychedelic flavor. To vape, the proper combination of heat and airflow allows you to rise in temperature to release a light aromatic vapor directly from your herbs! Fuck e-cigs! Fuck e-juice! Just say no to glycol and glycerin. Vapes are the future. Herbs for life.
I love to vape the finest herbs.

Fuck e-cigs, put your dry herbs in a real vape and just vape it!

Glycol and glycerin is fake like McDonald's, vape the real thing.

Like a perfect cup of tea, rise up, touch God, and kiss the sky.... Get Vaped!

Who is Mary Jayne
by JoshyBalls November 30, 2014

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