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Vanguard High School is a school in Northwestern Ocala/Marion County, Florida. It is by far the most ghetto school in Ocala. The day usually starts out with a random shooting across the street, and as the day progresses, multiple drug deals occur. Vanguard has a marvelous IB program, which is full of many protected rich kids, who stray themselves from the rest of the population and pack their lunch like typical nerds. Vanguard's nickname is "The Finest High School In The Land". It is notorious for it's obese staff and administration who like to pummel themselves into the personal lives of their students. Vanguard has an amazing football team, which is it's only backbone to being a real school.
Demetriquanda: Ayeeee girl, you know I go to Vanguard High School right? Well b****, there was this fight da otha day, and GIRL, they toe ha a** the f*** up! I mean DAAAAAAAAAAMN.

Courtney: Oh really? That's wonderful! (:
by clickclackBOOM June 22, 2011
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