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"Vanguard Champ" - (n)
A gamer who typically hogs kills, never offers help with objectives, nor do they rescue a teammate in need unless it benefits them in return. In a nutshell - a selfish gamer. When one of these people enter an objective-based multiplayer game, they instantly turn it into a "team death match". These types of gamers will run around, deliberately stealing your kills to get massive killstreaks. In the process of doing this, they ignore you completely as if you're not even there, and will let you die or possibly team-kill you if there is enough reward for them. But once they're about to die, they demand your help until it is given. If they lose their "doughnut" (aka, they die), they will throw a 'BF' and whine about it for the rest of the day incessantly.
Oh, you just team-killed your friend to get a few kills... you're such a Vanguard Champ
by Boise Badkid July 20, 2011
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