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A maneuver which is performed when making passionate love to a female snowboarder or skier. Just as you reach orgasm, you slam her (Snowboard or Ski) helmet on her head, lift the visor and ejaculate copious amounts of semen into her helmet. You then must slam the visor shut and vigorously shake her head about, plastering her with semen. Then you remove the helmet, leaving a white frosted coating on her head, resembling the top of a snow cone. Inspired by some fine ass 2010 Winter Olympian Skiers.
Skeez: Yo I'm going to Vancouver to watch the Winter Olympics.

Bates: Oh shit, last time I went to the Winter Olympics, I stuck my chode in like 3 sluts helmets. I was serving more snow cones than a carnival.

Skeez: I must partake.

Bates: Nothing like a administering a Vancouver Snow Cone my friend. Nothing at all.
by Dr. Gomez Aka Brandon February 18, 2010
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