a funny, yet nasty movie. it'll make you never want to eat a cream filled donught again...believe me.
van wilder is my favorite movie ever.
by baaaaa123 January 15, 2006
Top Definition
The raddest fucking dude alive. Party liaison.
"Where can I find Van Wilder?" "In the Guiness Book of Fucking World Records, man; under the raddest fucking dude alive."
by BigFreak January 24, 2005
The radis fuckin dude alive.
Were can I find Van Wilder?-In the ginus book of world fuckin records man.
by J Pink May 27, 2003
code name for a drug dealer. started at a high school called Northwood in louisiana
You get your stuff from Van Wilder?
by Tajymahal February 08, 2009
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