Top Definition
To cut off your partner's ear only to gain the ability to stick your penis in the hole which used to be their ear
"WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR EAR?!?" "Oh.. well my boyfriend was Van Gogh'ing me last night"


Her brain must be full of semen since I just Van Gogh'ed her
by LatinKing293 January 31, 2010
Verb: When a girl has ear gauges and you stick your penis through the hole.
Did you see those gauges? I plan on Van Goghing that for sure.
by Solo bz January 20, 2014
Before inserting, you just kinda use your dick like a paint brush and brush is on her "lips"
Yo bro, I was Van Goghing this chick, and she asked if I drew a self portrait of her....
by bLazeni April 30, 2010

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