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A Vampster is an offshoot of Hipster. Only a Vampster is more dark and foreboding. Probably not someone you want to meet in a dark alley when you're drunk and look like a normal Hipster. A Vampster will totally kick your ass for even trying to copy their original style. So you can't EVEN try...A Vampster also owns their own boat.
Look at the Maddeline chick, she's such a Vampster. Wish I could be like her.
by Maddeline Force! March 21, 2010
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a cross breed between a vampire and a hamster, a vampster

is easy to recodnize it looks like a human but has enormas buck teeth they have the abilaty to control minds, run super fast, and are only able to survive in cool weather.
GUY# 2: no he just has huge front teeth
GUY# 1: oh ok
by i ran over the taco dog March 22, 2010
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A hipster who does not like being in the sun. He/She might not go out side or is just always in a hat/hood. They are almost always in indie clothes with designs that no one has seen before. Probably has black hair and pale skin. More than likely owns a boat but rarely uses it. This person will be addicted to caffiene because they never sleep, they say that they do but they do not. These people will raely admit to being hipster and will become very angry when they are told that they are, infact hipster.
Guy: You are such a vampster come out side
vapster: My vampster senses are tingling and they say go the !@#$ away.
by Nedla March 14, 2013
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