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Eating out a girl's pussy while she is on her period.
Dude! I was at a bar last night and I picked up this really skanky welfare rat, but it was so long since I scored I didn't give a fuck if I got AIDS!

And so I got her back to my place and I just had some strange self-destructive compulsion to eat out her pussy. But right in the middle mother nature paid a visit. But I was too drunk and I just kept going, vampire style! I don't know if she even noticed but she seemed to like it!


It wasn't actually that bad. In fact I think I kinda liked it. I think I'm going get some goth gear. Maybe I can score with one of those fucked-up emo chicks who cut themselves… I bet they like a guy willing to go the extra mile!

Later dude...
by Lo S3lf 3st33m July 25, 2010
A sexual position where both partners lay in the 69 position. The female or male lightly bites the head of the penis and performs fellatio on the head until the male 'finishes', sucking off the male's 'joy juice'.

Note: The origins of vampire style come the person from who the character of the Vampire was based upon, Vlad the Impaler.
Xanthes: My gf and me were doin it vampire style.
by H. Joe January 05, 2006
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