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Getting a tattoo that somehow relates to and shows your love for vampires.
Person 1- "Nice tattoo..but why fangs?"

Person 2- "I love vampires! Haven't you read Twilight?"

Person 1- "Oh, well then that's a Vamp Stamp for sure."
by fraaaankieeee January 20, 2009
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When someone has any tattoo on their neck, a vampires favorite place on the human body.
Martin: I'm thinking of getting a tattoo on my neck.
Ryan: Like a vamp stamp? That would be hawt!!
Martin: Yeah, I want to get it before the twilight premiere.
by thethird September 04, 2009
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beautiful inappropriate mark on your neck; created by sucking someone's neck without breaking skin, like a vampire.
'Yo dude, I totally vamp stamp this hot girl last night!"

"Omg, I totally got vamped by this really hot guy last night!"
by dr. butt April 29, 2009
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