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The worst school in the world. This is the ghetto! Located in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, this school gives the Hazleton School District a bad name. About 1,100 students go to this dump. About 90% of the students that go there are bad. It does not offer students a good educational experience. It's so bad!
MOM: "So, honey, how was your day at school?"

KID: "Terrible. I can't stand that place anymore. It's such a
bad school."

MOM: "I know, honey. But you're in the sixth grade. You only
got two and a half more years there. Then you're out
of that school and off to high school."

KID: "Thats if I make it to high school. Valley Elementary/Middle
School is so bad that I just wana be a drop out. I can't
handle going to that place anymore."
Valley Elementary/Middle School is horrible. I've had a better and happier experience visiting a poor third-world country than going to that dump!
"You walk into Valley Elementary/Middle School and you are shocked at how bad the kids are. I'm glad I don't go there."
by Anthony Marchello January 17, 2010
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