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Youths from the South Wales valleys out in local towns local for female company. Often seen with a toothbrush in the top pocket.
The Friday night valley commandoes are on the razzle again.
by Maddog May 22, 2004
22 12

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Typical Welsh Valley Steroid user. Usually from deep in the valleys, can be seen trotting around wearing army "commando" style trousers. Red faced and built like a house, and posessing as much intelligence as one. Can be seen down heavy lifting gyms most days and nights, benchpressing 500+ kilo's. Usually hang around in groups and love students / generally English people to come into their Newport shithole club so they can fuck them up.

Generally, another great reason why to Nuke the valleys now their 1 main purpose has gone, supplying cheap labour to the English.
Shit, you see that valley commando tit smash that English guys head in, fuck hes got mates too.
by prof.reg.fritter. October 04, 2007
34 28
Valley person from places like pont, abercuntingnowhere, uppercomebucket etc. usually seen driving cavaliers or novas
by Anonymous April 06, 2003
13 22