A property of an argument in logic that preserves the truth, in which there is a neccessary agreement between the premises (assuming that they are true) and the conclusion; that one must undoubtedly arrive at the conclusion. It is not possible for the premises to be true, and the conclusion false. Note that validity is not the same as soundness, which is a valid argument that has all true premises.
If I am in Paris, then I am in France; I'm in Paris, therefore I am in France. If I am not in France, then I am not in Paris; oh look, I'm in New York; therefore I must not be in France.
If I am in France, then I am in Paris; Woah! I'm in France, I must be in Paris...BUZZ! I'm actually in Bordeaux.
Either 2 plus 2 equals 22, or Santa Clause is real; but 2 plus 2 does not equal 22; so Santa Clause is real.
Unsound but Valid:
All mammals are cats (false, but assuming it is true); All cats are animals; So all mammals are animals.
by John Joseph O'Hara April 09, 2006
Top Definition
Something that is very cool, exciting or of a high standard.
1. Nice boarding move - valid!
2. Man, how valid was that movie?
3. Check out the wheels on that beast - now that's valid!!
by Bills Gate January 18, 2004
A word coined by Santo Cilauro on The Panel (Australian talk show). It can many anything that's hip, unexpectedly good, or used in the place of bravo.
Did you see that brilliant movie last night?
Yeah it was valid! Valid I say!
by dingodude April 28, 2004
Pretty , Hot
Damn That Girl"s Fine Af, She As Valid As Sam Jabra
by Food38 August 06, 2015
Slang word used to describe something or someone that is really cool, radical, excellent, on-key, amazing, awesome, ect. Often used as a substitute for legit of legitimately
Bro: Dude, that party last night was so valid.
Breh: Yeah man, I know it was totally valid because I can't even remember that we had a party!
by validbro July 06, 2010
Something that is awesome; an exclamation of the superb; used to express admiration and high quality of a subject or event.
"Dude, that was valid."
"That trip was pretty valid."
by DiJon May 05, 2013
Drunk beyond belief. on a scale of 1 to 10, valid is off the scale. it takes something special to get there
on a scale of 1 to valid how drunk were you last night?
by DRValid October 19, 2011
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