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A high school in El Cajon, California that is bustling with Chaldeans. Frequently, students are violently raped by the said Chaldeans, and most Chaldeans are related to each other. The school did earn an 810 API score, so shove that up your ass. Out of all the Chaldeans, 0.003% play a sport, but do wear Chargers jerseys and play touch football with their homies every weekend.
Dude you go to Valhalla High School? And you aren't Chaldean? How is that possible?
by thisisapseudonymlolwut September 28, 2009
A highschool in el cajon filled with chaldeans and white people. Located in the heart of rancho san diego alot of the kids that go to this school are insanely spoiled. All they do is party and get fucked up.
Dammn, look at those spoiled kids they must be going to valhalla high school.
by Iamwhoweareandnimatterwhat August 29, 2011

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