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Valentine's Day Heartbreak is an emotional state of hardship for single,depressed, lonely,and emotionally confused people. This is the time of year when all the lovebirds of the world make other people feel terribly unloved and socially unwanted by parading around school with their $5.00 balloons, pink-and-red teddy bears, and assorted chocolate candies that they will eat in front of single people and never offer to share. Mainstream corporate businesses that are extremely insensitive toward other people's feelings are the forces behind peddling this type of garbage. Since Valentine's Day Heartbreak occurs, all the emotionally inconsiderate and insensitive jerks who celebrate this holiday should keep all of their twisted, manufactured icons of "true love" to themselves.
A conversation between an insensitive loser and a person who suffers from Valentine's Day Heartbreak:
Person 1(basking in their "greatness"): "I'm so special! I have 3 balloons, 4 red roses, and 5 teddy bears...Everyone loves me!....What did you get?
Person 2(wishes February 14 was National Excused Absence Day):Nothing....(crys on the inside)
by inthetruthofwintersun February 14, 2008

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