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Someone who inhales an excessive amount of food in a little amount of time.
You just val'd that sandwich!
by TravelingGirl33 March 29, 2010
(verb) Dense, unreadable, usually from sloppy writing or editing or abuse of punctuation marks.

(origin: Fark.com thread 6926612, user drsewell.

Original usage: "It,s sad, when, a vald point, is lost, I the, commas,.")
"I tried to read the article the professor assigned, but it was totally vald. I couldn't get through the second sentence. Don't they use editors at Forbes.com?"
by Make More Hinjews February 07, 2012
The opposite of vuzzy. A term used to describe a female's completely shaven pubic area.
If you're sending pictures to your boyfriend, you may want to go vald.
by LeftAngle June 21, 2010