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The ability to senese and locate the presence of vagina like radar or sonar.
When we pulled up to the club my Vajaydar was lit up like a christmas tree.
by Neville Nevish April 02, 2009
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pronounced: vuh-jay-dar

an ability possesed by both man and woman, but having completely different uses for each

masculine tense: an evolutionary survival ability that notifies any man of a clean vaginal area prior to oral or physical inspection. similar to a shark's ability to "smell" blood in the water, vajaydar enable men to steer clear of odorous hair pie.

feminine tense is open to interpretation but as best as man can determine, the female vajaydar is a woman's inherent ability to sense or determine when trangressions have conspired. much to the chagrin of the male species, attempts to circumvent or evade the female vajaydar have widely remained unsuccessful.
"Hey dude.. what happened last night?"

"Man! I was about to go down on this girl when my vajaydar went off, so I told the bitch to go take a bath if she wanted me anywere near that thing."

"I think my boyfriend told everyone about my stanky cat. My vajaydar has been going off when any of his friends look my way"

by theshinypenquin June 10, 2008
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